• 5 Oct 2020

Testing your car battery

Testing your car battery

 If you went to start your car and heard the familiar clicking of a dead battery or no sound at all, you are probably concerned that your car battery is dead. Instead of rushing out for a new battery, which may not be the issue, why not test your battery yourself first? We have four simple ways to test your battery at home without the need for any sophisticated car battery testing equipment.

1. Perform a load test

  1. Turn on your headlights with the engine off
  2. Leave your headlights on for 10-15 minutes
  3. Start your car
  4. Pay attention to the brightness of your headlights

If your headlights noticeably dim as the engine is turned on then your battery did not pass the load test. This is a sign that your battery needs replaced

2. Check your battery for corrosion

Open the hood of your car and observe your battery’s terminals, if you see what looks like a green powder around the terminals then you have corrosion. An excessive amount of corrosion is a sure sign that your battery is coming to the end of its life cycle. If there is only a little bit of corrosion you can disconnect the batter and clean the terminals with a wire brush and then reconnect.

3. Listen to the clicking

That familiar clicking sound we mentioned earlier, remember that one? We’ve all heard it, it can be one of two things; either a dead battery or a failing starter motor. If you hear this sound, it is best to have it checked with the correct diagnostic equipment.

4. Voltmeter test

If you have a voltmeter you can also make your own car battery testing. When starting the vehicle if the voltage drops below 10 volts this may be a sign that the battery is in need of replacement.

If you are still under the impression that your battery needs replacing that’s okay, these are quick at-home tests. However, nothing beats a trained and experienced technician testing your battery on the correct dedicated battery tester. Come visit SW Batteries in Narellan, NSW 2567 and we will be happy to test your battery for you free of charge.

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