Free Battery Testing

No matter how much you maintain and care for your vehicle batteries, something can always go wrong. Batteries are such an integral part of vehicles that we recommend getting your faulty batteries looked at and diagnosed as soon as you can, to keep yourself and your family safe from mishaps and accidents. Free battery testing can also be very impactful for your car’s health that you could ever imagine.

It’s important to check your battery and electrical system regularly, not just when it’s beginning to show signs of weakness. Proactively testing it twice a year will help reduce your chances of failure.

Free Battery Testing

Fully charged automotive batteries should measure at 12.6 volts or above. When the engine is running, this measurement should be 13.7 to 14.7 volts. If you don’t have a multimeter to inform you of the voltage of your battery, you’ll do a test of your electrical system by starting the car and turning on the headlights. If they’re dim, that indicates the lights are running off the battery and little or no charge is being produced by the alternator. If the lights get brighter as you rev the engine, it means the alternator is producing some current, but might not be producing enough at idle to keep the battery properly charged. If the lights have normal brightness and don’t change as the engine is revved, your charging system is perhaps functioning normally. If you’ve been experiencing problems together with your battery system and the headlight test checks out okay, you ought to check whether or not the battery is holding a charge, or if something on the vehicle is discharging it.

Free Battery Testing services

That’s why here at SW Batteries, we offer free battery testing at our Narellan workshop. Our expert team has the latest in testing and diagnostic equipment so we can diagnose the problem with your battery and have you back on the road as soon as possible.

If you would like to do the free service for your vehicle, get in touch with our expert Narellan team today!

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No matter how much you maintain and care for your vehicle batteries, something can...

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