• 16 May 2021

How to Make the Car Battery Last Longer?

How to Make the Car Battery Last Longer?

A car battery is one of the absolutely essential parts of your vehicle. From getting the car started to keeping all the electricals operating, batteries provide the much-needed power in every vehicle. Therefore, every vehicle owner should know the condition of their battery, the methods of installation, maintenance, and the ways to extend the lifespan of the car battery. A little bit of enhanced understanding of the vehicle’s parts could save you from a roadside breakdown and the inconvenience that can cause.

Car batteries usually last for two to five years on average. However, the lifespan depends on multiple factors. The weather, for example, is a major factor in the lifespan of batteries. In countries where it is very warm most of the year, car batteries can have a reduced life span due to the very high under-bonnet temperatures in modern vehicles

For any type of battery, proper care and maintenance is always the way to get the highest standard of value, lifespan, and service in return. With that being said, here are some valuable suggestions that could help you make your car’s battery last longer – 

Routine Inspection Every Month 

The connection between the battery and the vehicle is vital to the performance of the vehicle’s battery. Any buildup of corrosion can affect the contact between the battery post and the terminals of the vehicle. Use boiling water and a wire brush to clean if this occurs on your vehicle’s battery.

A lead-acid battery’s life shortens the longer it is left discharged. Thus, checking the voltage of the battery with a voltmeter every month is a good way to keep track of the battery’s health. Usually, a fully charged lead-acid battery shows a voltage of 12.6 to 12.8.

Avoiding Short Trips 

The battery loses charge as the car is started. The alternator then recharges the battery during the journey. Constant drives of short distances can greatly reduce the life of the vehicle’s battery.

Over constant short trips, the battery gradually loses voltage until it can no longer provide the power to even start the car. Putting the battery on an independent charger every 3 months will help in this situation to extend the life of the battery.

Fastening the Battery 

Vibration is an enemy of the battery and so it is important to keep the battery tightly fastened. Using a clamp to hold it down tightly is a good idea to avoid excessive vibration damaging the internal components of the battery. 

Cleaning the Battery 

Ensuring that the top of the battery is clean and free of dirt can extend the life of the battery significantly. 

Minimizing the Usage of Power During Idle-time 

The battery is designed to supply a sudden burst of power to the starter motor. Providing power for electronics and devices that come with modern vehicles, put a strain on the battery and can affect how long the battery will last. The alternator generates electricity and charges the battery when the engine is running. Therefore, operating lights, radio, electronics, headlights, and accessories put unnecessary pressure on the battery, especially when the vehicle is idle or turned off. It damages the battery in the long run and reduces the lifespan. 

Using a Charger 

It is not uncommon to find out that the battery is dead after returning from a long vacation. Usually, it happens more to modern vehicles because the accessories still draw power even when the car is not running. This situation can be avoided with the help of a charger, solar or regular, that can recharge the battery if it has been drained whilst sitting idle.

Managing the Temperature 

Extreme hot and extremely cold temperatures can cause huge issues for the battery. Hot temperatures cause the battery fluid to evaporate and cause problems of overheating. This hugely reduces the lifespan of the battery. With already extremely high under bonnet temperatures heat is an enemy to the performance and life span of the vehicle’s battery.

On the other hand, batteries that operate in colder climates will last longer, however, extremely cold temperatures will make the vehicle harder to start, therefore putting more pressure on the battery to start the vehicle.

The car is comprised of many parts and they work together to keep the car running. Making sure you’re caring for the whole car with routine tune-ups and maintenance are also valuable ways to extend the lifespan of the car’s battery. It is useful to remember that the battery is one component out of many for a smooth-running car. So with regular maintenance, you will ensure your battery and vehicle are operating at an optimal level at all times. 

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