Trucks are sometimes referred to as the “Powerhouses of the Australian Economy” due to their immense logistical value. Truck batteries are the powerhouses that propel these trucks across this vast land.

Here at SW Batteries, we understand that truck batteries are put under more pressure than in most other vehicular applications. Trucks are heavy duty vehicles, and they are most often used in harsh conditions for prolonged periods of time. Hauling puts a lot of stress on the entire vehicle, and truck batteries are no different.

Our customers trust SW Batteries because we provide free in-house battery testing and emergency truck breakdown service. Both services can prove invaluable, especially if you have deadlines to meet. We want to help make sure all work is completed without delays.

If you are looking for a truck battery, get in touch with our Narellan team today! Our expert and friendly team will help you out with all your truck battery related needs.