Stop / Start Batteries

Start/Stop batteries

Start/Stop batteries are becoming increasingly common in cars around the world. Start/Stop batteries are car batteries that cut off the engine whenever the car comes to a complete stop and start the engine back up as soon as your foot leaves the brake. These batteries are being used in hybrid and eco-friendly cars as a sustainable way of using less fuel and energy.

Start/Stop Batteries Aspects

This sophisticated technology requires an enhanced battery to cover this extra load, with Stop/Start vehicles starting up to 18,000 times per year on average. We stock both the EFB and AGM range of batteries. Our expert team at Narellan can take care of these Start/Stop for you.

Taking care of car batteries is very important. There are plenty of reasons which cause battery failure of a car. For having a great driving experience, you should always check your car’s battery health. Nowadays, free battery check is available in almost every battery service store. Spending only a few minutes on testing your battery will increase your Start/stop battery performance incredibly.

Do not hesitate to contact our store at Narellan. If you are looking for a new Start/Stop battery replacement or looking to get your battery tested.  In addition to our first-class products, we provide excellent service and after-sales customer support.