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With such an extensive range of motorbike batteries available, SW Batteries prides itself on being able to provide you with the right battery for your application. We stock conventional, maintenance-free, AGM dry fit and lithium motorbike batteries.

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Unfortunately, you cannot charge a lithium motorcycle using a regular charger because lithium batteries aren’t similar to other battery technologies like lead-acid. Also, the batteries come in different shapes and sizes depending on the manufacturer. It is therefore advisable to get yourself a specialised lithium battery charger for such a process.

The 3 main advantages of lithium motorcycle batteries are, much lighter than lead-acid batteries, have a slower discharge rate and also superior CCA’S for better performance in cold temperatures. They are however more expensive than their lead-acid counterparts and do require a charger that is suitable for lithium batteries.

For motorcycles with infrequent use the best way to maintain the battery is by using a trickle/maintenance charger whilst the bike is sitting idle, if not the battery should be placed on the appropriate charger every 3 months and be fully recharged. For accessible batteries the electrolyte level should be checked every 3 months so the battery does not run dry, if required top up using distilled water.

If maintained correctly a motorcycle battery will on average last approximately 3 years, however it may last longer depending on the conditions under which the motorcycle is operating. A trickle/maintenance charger is recommended for all motorcycles that are not used on a regular basis.

No they are not, there is a large range of motorcycle batteries depending on the bikes manufacturer and also the capacity of the bike. It is vitally important to not only get the correct physical size, but also a battery with the required CCA’s for the motorcycle it is starting.

If it is a dry charge battery it should be filled with electrolyte and fully charged on the correct battery charger before being installed in the motorcycle. If it is AGM, gel or lithium it should be fully charged at the time of purchase.

There are 4 types of batteries suitable for motorcycles, the conventional flooded type, AGM (absorbed glass mat), gel and lithium. Depending on the make, model and year the motorcycle was manufactured will determine which battery is suitable for your application.