How Often Should You Replace Your Car Battery?

Your battery is quite literally the lifeblood of your vehicle. Not only is a battery integral for starting your engine,

Read More 16 May 2022

What is an AGM Battery & What Happens When You Charge It With a Normal Charger?

An AGM battery is a car battery designed for two jobs: delivering powerful bursts of starting amps and running electronics

Read More 03 May 2022

What is the Difference Between a Stop/Start battery and a Normal battery?

Normal car batteries simply supply power to the engine for it to turn on, however advanced start-stop batteries operate differently.When

Read More 31 Mar 2022

How Do You Maintain a Deep Cycle Battery?

Deep cycle batteries power our outdoor recreation vehicles. Deep cycle batteries, as compared to starter batteries, require extra upkeep and

Read More 18 Mar 2022

How Do You Increase Your Bike Battery Lifespan?

Wondering what will help to increase your bike’s battery lifespan? Following these basic tips on a regular basis will assist

Read More 07 Mar 2022

Why Does Your SUV Battery Keep Dying?

A car battery that fails at random can be one of the most inconvenient issues to deal with. It can

Read More 25 Feb 2022

Which Battery is Used in a Truck?

Trucks require the right type of battery, just as they are for any other vehicle. From which battery to use

Read More 14 Feb 2022

Do Marine Batteries go Bad if Not Used?

Deep cycle marine batteries, commonly known as lead-acid batteries, have heavier plates compared to other types of batteries. This provides

Read More 10 Feb 2022

Marine Battery Life-Extension Tips

Marine batteries have thicker plates and are intended particularly for use on a boat. It is built tough to endure

Read More 31 Dec 2021

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