• 13 Dec 2020

How Do You Know When a Car Battery is Completely Dead?

How Do You Know When a Car Battery is Completely Dead?

Is your car turning over slowly? Does your car battery keep dying but the alternator is working correctly? If so, it is a good idea to know about the telltale signs of a dead car battery to help avoid being caught on the side of the road.

Indicators Your Vehicle is Dead

Check Engine Light Comes On

When this issue occurs, it may be an indication there is something wrong with the electrical system of the vehicle. But sometimes, the light comes on because your car’s battery is deteriorating, in which case all you need to do is have the battery tested to determine its condition.

The Engine Will Not Crank Up, or Will Crank Up Slowly

A battery’s role is to provide the vehicle with the power to engage the starter motor so as to turn over the engine. After a few years, as your battery ages you might notice it taking longer than usual to start your car. That is a sign of a weakening battery. If you notice it cranking slowly this may be a sign that the battery is breaking down inside and should be tested immediately.

The Battery Seems Swollen

All battery manufacturers design their batteries to have a specific, noticeable footprint. If your battery shows signs of swelling or is admitting odours, this could mean your battery has an internal problem or the vehicle could be overcharging the battery.

Headlights Dim

If you notice that your headlights give a low beam of light, even when you are accelerating, chances are your charging system is not working correctly or the battery is failing.

Reasons for a Dead Car Battery

Human-Caused Error

If you forget to switch off the car lights, leave a door ajar or the accessories on, this will drain your battery.

Loose or Worn Out Battery Connections

Loose or worn battery connections will stop the charging system from giving full power to the battery while driving. It is recommended to have the battery tested every 4 to 5 years.

Problems in the Charging System

Corroded tensioners or stretched out belts in the charging system could stop the alternator from functioning properly, causing damage to the battery.

Dead Car Battery Tricks

Trying to Jump Start Your Vehicle

You can jump start the vehicle, ensuring you use the correct equipment to protect the computer from any surges. You can run the vehicle for 40 minutes to see if the battery can be revived by this process.

Try charging you battery

You can try recharging the battery using the appropriate charger for the type of battery in the vehicle. A battery less than 2 years old should recharge to near its original capacity.

Call in for a battery test

If all of the above fails, call into SW Batteries and have your battery tested to determine its condition.

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