• 25 Feb 2021

When Should a Truck Battery Be Replaced?

When Should a Truck Battery Be Replaced?

Should you be purchasing a new truck battery? Have you been searching up “the life of truck battery” on the Internet? However before you go ahead and purchase new batteries, call into SW Batteries to have your old batteries tested free of charge. We can also test the charge rate to make sure this isn’t causing the starting issues with your truck.

How Long Does a Truck Battery Last?

If maintained properly, a truck battery should last you on average approximately 2 years, however depending on the use of the truck this may be extended beyond 2 years. If the batteries are exposed to heat this can also affect the life of the battery. If your truck batteries are over 2 years old it is recommended to have them properly tested, so as to not find yourself stranded and having the truck unable to do the required job.

When to Replace Truck Battery?

If your batteries are older than 2 years, or if you notice your truck is not starting as well as usual, then call into SW Batteries and have them load tested free of charge.

How Can I Test My Truck Battery?

You will require a multimeter, which can measure the voltage of your battery. The reading on the battery should be between 12.6 and 12.8 volts when standing. If the battery drops below 10 volts on starting, this may be a sign that the battery is deteriorating internally and should be tested at your earliest convenience. You can also check the charge rate of your truck with your multimeter, it should be reading around 14.2 volts whilst the vehicle is running.

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