• 28 Apr 2021

How to Keep a Car Battery from Dying When Not in Use?

How to Keep a Car Battery from Dying When Not in Use?

Car batteries that are in good condition usually last a couple of months without the need for a recharge. However, if a car is not going to be driven for a long period, or is used infrequently there is a good chance that the battery will discharge over a period of time. There are some measures you can take to avoid that from happening. 

Here are some essential tips to keep your car battery from dying when not in use: 

Start the Car Once a Week or Two 

If you have no other form of battery charger this is one way you can keep charge in your battery. Start the car and let in run for about half an hour to let the alternator charge the battery. This will also help keep the engine and parts in good operational order. 

Use an Independent battery charger

Put the battery on the appropriate charger every 3 months, ensure the charger has sufficient amperage to suit the size of battery you are charging. You must select the correct setting on the charger for the type of battery that is installed in the vehicle

Eg calcium or AGM.

Installing a Battery Tender Charger 

Connect a trickle/maintenance battery charger and leave connected when the vehicle is not in use, this will keep the battery fully charged at all times. If the vehicle is not near power then you could use a solar charger, although you need to ensure it has a solar controller/regulator to stop overcharging and or solar discharge.

Removing the Negative Terminal

This should be done on older vehicles only that have no computer. It is not advised to do so on modern vehicles as it may cause problems with the vehicle’s electrical systems.

Car battery maintenance is difficult when the car is not in use much. So it is recommended to use one of the methods above to get the optimum life from your vehicle’s battery.

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