• 30 Nov 2020

How Long Does a Battery Last?

How Long Does a Battery Last?


The life of your car battery can depend on many factors including weather conditions, vehicle type and driving habits as well. Over time the battery will deteriorate and have a reduced capacity to produce the cranking amps required to start your vehicle.

The average life of a battery is approximately 3 years, although some batteries may last 5 years plus. You should have your battery tested around the 3 year mark to determine its condition.

Batteries tend to last longer in cooler climates than in the warmer, tropical ones. However, it is suggestible that you get your car battery checked every few years. Low Cold Cranking Amps, hesitation on starting or a warm battery are some of the factors that you may check to understand whether you need to change your battery or not. In such cases, the battery should be tested by a qualified technician and replaced if necessary.

Why is my battery draining so fast? It is a common question among most people. Well, quite a few things can cause your battery to drain rapidly. While you are driving your vehicle, a faulty alternator, will mean the battery is running the electronics of the car and eventually the car will come to a stop as this will fully discharge your car battery.    

Leaving the interior lights on or listening to the radio whilst the engine isn’t running will also cause the battery to be drained. 

To avoid these problems, refrain from leaving the interior lights on or listening to your radio for long periods at a time. Tighten and clean the cable connections leading to the batteries frequently. 

How long can a car battery sit unused? A car battery that is fully charged will last approximately for 3 months whilst sitting without charge, although it is advisable to have some sort of maintenance charger to keep the battery charged. If not maintained in this way the battery should be placed on an independent charger approximately every 2 to 3 months.

The battery, of course, is likely to have a longer life if it is fully charged at most times; the car should also be driven daily for the longevity of the car battery or maintained as mentioned above.

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