• 9 Apr 2021

What is Different About a Marine Battery

What is Different About a Marine Battery

A marine battery is a special kind of battery, manufactured specifically to meet the demands of the rough seas. The movement of boats in the seas against the continuous high waves makes it difficult for the batteries to withstand the rocky vibrations. Marine batteries are made with elements that have the ability to withstand tough rides. 

Automotive batteries play a specific role, and it is to provide enough amperage to turn over an engine. Most of these batteries are designed to discharge big amps in a short time. Marine batteries, on the other hand, perform a diverse set of tasks. They are required to start engines, keep the lights running at sea, keep the gauges functioning, keeping the pumps or other boat accessories running, and withstanding the sea-ride. 

Keeping the differences in mind, marine batteries are designed with a thicker internal set of lead plates. It allows the batteries to discharge energy stably, in a longer period. 

Marine batteries could be identified by their use of ‘Marine Cranking Amps (MCA)’ rating, whereas automotive batteries are rated with ‘Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). 

There are three basic types of marine batteries. 

Marine Starting batteries are designed to start the engine and they provide powerful, quick bursts of energy over short periods and will also run some accessories.

Marine Deep Cycle Batteries are designed to discharge power slowly over a long period. They can withstand hundreds of charging and discharging cycles. Powerful boats with a variety of accessories are ideal for deep cycle batteries. 

Marine Dual-Purpose Batteries combine the performance of the two batteries mentioned above.

In order to ensure the best maintenance for marine batteries, it is a good idea to securely fasten them with strong straps and brackets to withstand the strong vibration. The battery terminals and connections should be greased regularly to avoid corrosion. The top of the battery should be cleaned with warm water to avoid further corrosion occurring.  

In conclusion, even if you’re tempted to use an automotive battery on your boat, don’t risk it. If something goes wrong with the battery in the middle of the sea don’t be caught out, so always purchase a marine battery for all your boating needs.

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