• 29 Oct 2021

How to Charge Deep Cycle Batteries

How to Charge Deep Cycle Batteries

A deep cycle battery is a combination battery. It is not the same as a car battery or a marine battery as it differs from a cranking battery. This battery has thicker and heavier plates and cannot function unless it is charged.  Deep Cycle Batteries discharge power slowly over time. It can endure hundreds of charges and recharges. A deep cycle battery has a number of cutting-edge features. It can offer long-term output and can withstand up to 80% discharge. It must be charged regularly in order to stay functional. It is critical to understand how to charge deep cycle batteries correctly.

There are two ways to charge the deep cycle battery. One method is to charge it up in a permanent location, while another approach is to use a solar charger or have it wired to charge from the vehicle. Once you’ve identified what sort of deep cycle battery charger you need, you must select one with the appropriate voltage and amps.

It is recommended for the battery charger to have a charger with a minimum of 10% of the capacity of the battery. So if you have a 100AH battery, you will require a charger of at least 10amps. Although at most times, it is probably best to go with a charger with around 15-20% of the battery capacity as it will charge the battery in a faster time.

It is not advised to leave a totally discharged battery uncharged for an extended period of time, as this will cause sulphation and shorten the lifespan of the battery. Please see the instructions below on how to charge deep cycle batteries.

Deep Cycle Battery Charging Instructions

Charging your battery is simple once you have the appropriate charger. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Ensure that the battery connections are clean and free of dirt.
  2. Connect the red wire to the red connector first. The black wire should then be connected to the black connector.
  3.  Switch it on.
  4. You can “set it and forget it” while utilizing a smart charger. In the case of a regular charger, disconnect the battery once it is fully charged, usually from 14.2 – 14.8v depending on the battery type and capacity.
  5. Unplug the charger to detach. 
  6. Remove the black cable first, then the red cable.

Unsure about which deep cycle battery to buy? You can reach out to us through our website to find the right battery for your needs! Also can learn how to charge deep cycle batteries.

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