• 15 Feb 2021

How Many Volts Does a Car Battery Need to Start?

How Many Volts Does a Car Battery Need to Start?

Are you worried about your car battery voltage? This is a common concern among almost all car owners, especially those who have been using the same battery for a few years now. Since the battery is the main source of power for your car, it is good to be mindful of these matters. The safe range is from 12.4 to 12.8 volts, although this is only the voltage reading. Even if your battery is in this range and you are still having trouble starting your vehicle, then it is best to have the battery properly tested to see what the cold cranking amps are reading in the battery. It is recommended to have your battery and vehicle charge rate tested periodically so as to ensure it is in optimum working order.

Is 12.2 Volts Enough to Start a Car?

Lots of users search up various queries on the Internet, including, “Is 12.4 volts OK for a car battery?”. Others wonder if 12.2 volts is enough. Since the safe range is from 12.4 to 12.8 volts, you have nothing to worry about if your battery is showing 12.4, or 12.8, or even 12.6 volts on a multimeter. In a normal situation, most vehicles at a normal state will show 12.6 or 12.7 volts.

However, having said that, around 12 volt is not enough to start your vehicle. Normally, the car’s altenator will function at about 13.4 to 14.8 volts. It varies from vehicle to vehicle, based on the make and model.

You have to make sure that you keep your battery in top condition to help it function correctly. The weather, how often you use your vehicle and several other factors affect the functionality of your battery. At any given time, if your battery shows less than 12.4 volts reading on a multimeter, it may mean that the battery needs recharging on an independent charger or is starting break down internally. If this is the case it is recommended to have your battery tested ASAP.

SW Batteries can test your battery free of charge to determine its condition.

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