• 7 Dec 2020

Can a Car Battery be too Dead to Jump Start?

Can a Car Battery be too Dead to Jump Start?

Imagine you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, with your vehicle battery unable to start your vehicle. But what could you do in that situation? You will need to jump start your car to get you back on your journey. But a lot of people often wonder, can a battery be too dead to jump start it? The short answer is yes, a car battery can be too dead to jump start.

How to Jump Start a Car

If your battery is too old, or past the warranty time period, it may be futile trying to jump start it. However, if your battery is relatively new, but has just been discharged it can be recharged it can be recharged. You will need an appropriate charger depending on the size of the battery and type of battery in the vehicle.

If you are jump starting from another vehicle, you will need to connect the red cable of that car to the positive battery terminal of your vehicle, then you will connect the black cable of that vehicle to the negative battery terminal of your vehicle. You can let the vehicle that you are jump starting from run for 5 minutes before attempting to jump start your own vehicle.

Can You Jump Start a Stop/Start Battery?

Yes, of course, you can. A stop/start car system merely controls the engine in such a way as to conserve fuel whenever possible. If a particular stop/start car uses a 12V supply, all you need to do is find another 12V supply source to help jump start your vehicle.

What are Some Jump Starting Car Battery Dangers?

There are a few potential issues you have to keep in mind during a jump starting process, such as:

  • Modern cars have a large amount of on-board electronics that could be affected due to an incorrectly performed jump start procedure
  • Ensure you have surge protection on whatever you are using to jump start the vehicle to protect the computer and electronics.
  • Make sure you connect the positive and negative cables correctly, DO NOT reverse polarity.

If the battery is leaking or has some sort of a crack, do not jump start it because there is a risk of an explosion.

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